🔍Mempool Sniffer


Scanning the Mempool to Help you Trade

The next tier includes a mempool scanner built right into the swap. Mempool is useful for many reasons and our users will benefit from it daily. You will be able to insert the CA to watch, and set your swap to buy the coin on auto pilot when trading is enabled, or when liquidity is supplied.

Another reason to use the Mempool Function, is to save yourself from rugs or honeypots. Our Mempool Scanner is capable of checking for a pending TX that will remove LP from the token you are invested in. If this TX comes through, Swapify will attempt to sell your holdings automatically. This can save your money from ending up in a scammer's pockets. We will also allow custom method ID's to be used within our scanner if you have experience with these and wish to provide your own.

There is a Console Log on the right side of Swapify, that will keep you updated on what the mempool is checking, and when it reads the Method ID you are scanning for!

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