👨‍💻Beginners Guide


This guide is intended for first time users to get familiar with the tech and have success while using it in their trades. -When you first come to www.swapifyeth.app you will click "Connect Wallet" in the top right corner. This will as for your signature on MetaMask which acts as a password for your account which is used to verify your identity before pulling your saved data if you choose to use private keys. Once you sign this message you are connected and ready to make swaps.

Slippage and Panels

-Clicking on the small settings cog wheel at the top right of the main swap panel will open the area where you can set your Slippage tolerance, and close the Advanced Settings, and Console Log if you wish.

Advanced Settings and Gas

-On the left side panel "Advanced Settings" can be seen and this is where all settings for your swaps can be found. The most basic ones to start are the Gwei and Gas Limit. If you choose to leave these blank and make a swap then the "Site Suggested" gas settings on your MetaMask will be set to 20 Gwei, and 200k Gas, which is the default. You can choose to either edit the MetaMask and change the Gas settings to "high" or "aggressive", or enter your own custom Gwei and Gas in the Advanced Settings before hand! For example you can set the Gwei a bit higher than suggested for a fast swap and raise the Gas limit above 200k to increase your speed and save time. Keep in mind if you are using private keys, you are required to set Gas and Gwei in Swapify as MetaMask wont pop up.

HoneyPot and Tax Check

-HP/Tax protection is very simple and all you need to do is check the box next to it before clicking swap. The console log will display info on the HP status and the current tax of the coin before submitting the buy. This feature works extremely fast!

Rug Protection

-Rug protection works in a similar way where you simply check the box next to it before clicking swap. Swapify will auto sell your tokens if the token developer removes liquidity as long as you still have the tab opened in your browser. Swapify does not currently work in the background so our features only work when the app is currently opened.

Mempool Buys

-Mempool buys are a bit more complex. You paste the contract and the amount you want to buy when its live, then you check the box for "Mempool Buy". We have some pre defined Method id's included to choose from, but you will need to do research on how to find these with something like Tuf Contract Simulator. For this example we can select "_addLiquidityETH", the most basic Method id typically found on contracts, and click swap. When liquidity is added to the project it will automatically buy in for the amount you set. Status will be displayed and monitored in the Console Log.

Adding Wallets

-Selecting the drop down next to "Connect Wallet" will display some info on your Holdings and Current Tier on the connected wallet. Below that you can see "Wallet Configuration". Clicking this will allow you to "Access Wallets Panel" and Add your Wallets. 1. Create new MetaMask wallets to add to the swap 2. Select the 3 dots in MetaMask and go to "Account Details" then "Export Private Key" 3. Copy and paste the keys from each wallet into the Wallet Panel 4. You can add up to 5 wallets Once your wallets are added, you will be able to select the wallets in the Advanced Settings panel. If you dont select any wallets then MetaMask will be used with the connected wallet. If you use 1 or more wallets in Advanced Settings then it will skip MetaMask and buy with your selected wallets and determined Gas and Gwei settings. Wallets 1-5 are in the order you added them, and the order they are shown in your wallet panel, keep this in mind when selecting wallets and ensuring you have enough funds to cover the transactions. (Swapify has implemented many high end safety and security functions into our swap to keep user private keys and funds safe. Even with these measures in place, please only fund your sniper wallets with enough ETH to buy and cover gas, then transfer profits out to a non connected wallet. Swapify is not liable or responsible for lost funds.)

Limit Orders

-Limit orders are available for all Swapify users. You will be able to set a market cap to buy or sell at automatically. Paste the contract address you want to buy, check the box for Limit Order Buy, or Sell, and type in your desired market cap. Once you are set click Swap and the app will Buy or Sell for you when that Market Cap is reached!

Trailing Stop Loss/Take Profit

-You are able to automatically make the app sell at a certain percent loss, or set it to take profits at a set percent. For example you can buy a coin and set the Take Profit to 100%, and the swap will automatically sell for you when you reach the 100% or 2x gains! This is useful to help further automate your trading, or make you more comfortable stepping away or sleeping while holding projects!

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