Swapify Docs

Swapify Tier List

All Tiers unlocked include the features of all lesser Tiers, plus the ones listed for your current holder Tier

Swap Fees

Our most basic level of swapping includes setting your Gas Limit and Gwei, and our built in Honey Pot and Tax checker. This level of our app have 0 fees for anyone, and you dont need any Tokens to access them. There is currently a 4% fee in ETH for using features in a tier that you dont hold Tokens to unlock! The fees apply for Tier 0 users enabling Tier 1 features, Tier 1 using 2, or Tier 2 using 3.

Token Holdings for Each Tier

Free Tier: You dont need any tokens to use our Free Tier with advanced GWEI settings!
Tier 1: You will need to hold 0.1% of SWIFY Supply (100,000 Tokens)
Tier 2: You will need to hold 0.2% of SWIFY Supply (200,000 Tokens)
Tier 3: You will need to hold 0.4% of SWIFY Supply (400,000 Tokens)
Access to Swapify Classic with GWEI settings
Tier 1
Access to Multi TX Mode
Tier 2
Access to Multi Wallet Mode
Tier 3
Access to Mempool Scanner with Rug Protection