Adding Wallets


To add a wallet, you will go to the settings page of Swapify. Here, you can copy and paste your private key from the MetaMask wallets you wish to connect! You can also remove added wallets from this page. The wallets will buy in the order they are listed on this page. For example if you choose to buy with only one wallet, then the first wallet will be used. If you pick 2 wallets then the first and second wallets will be used.

Swapify implements client-side and backend cryptographic encryption with AES and bycrypt to protect all of your data, assuring only YOU can access the information on metamask authentication. Your private keys are never stored, or visible to the team. We are using Advanced Encryption Standard to store them in a way where no one can view it. The swap will automatically encrypt your key with AES when you add it, and assign the encrypted key as your wallet. These encrypted versions of your key are sent to a database where they are encrypted once again with ByCript. The database in use is a non-sql db that is fast, and more importantly very secure.

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