🔍Using the Mempool


Once you have enough holdings for our Mempool Functionality, you can either select the event you want to sniff for, or insert your own custom method id. We provide you with ones that detect trading enabled/liquidity added, and detect an incoming rug pull.

Insert the CA you want to buy, or watch for a rug, then use the dropdown box to select which event you want to monitor for.

First Mempool function shown in image will check the CA for high taxes, and cancel the transaction if it is set too high. The Rug Protection feature will attempt to sell your tokens across all wallets if the deployer calls a remove liquidity function on their contract. With method id, you can set the Swap to auto buy on events such as Trading Enabled, and Add Liquidity. If you are more experienced, you will also be able to use your own custom method ids!

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